When my daughter was little

Sunethra Aluthdunne - Matale
Sunethra Aluthdunne - Matale

I used to take her out to show the night

First she keeps her lip tight

Then begins to ask questions so bright.

“Who hung the Moon there in the Sky?”


I used to say after thinking a while

“Why is his lamp blackend, a slight?”

because of the lampblack I used to say

though they were big lies,

“Where all these flying lights come from?”

“From the Stars that glimmer in blithe “.

“Who gave me to you?”

“God , he created you with his all might”

When she grew up and had a baby nice

She streached out it to me with an impish smile,

“This is the baby ,god created with all his might ,

the god just now went out, to register the birth of his child .